The following interview was conducted with Karen Terry, former Academic Advisor and Coordinator for the Department of Bioengineering, in 2011. More up-to-date, in-depth interviews are coming soon, but in the meantime this information will get you started.

Q: Do the codes for research hours stay the same each semester?
A: No, these codes change every semester, so you need to contact me every semester to get the proper codes to register for 6970 or 7970 Thesis Hours.

Q: Why do I have to submit the Student Health Insurance Declaration?
A: Each semester you need to submit a “Declaration to Accept or Decline Subsidized Student Health Insurance form.” This is to protect you and the department. Even if you do not wish to have the student insurance you need to submit the form so we know your exact wishes.

Q: I have several questions about how Tuition Benefit works.
A: Please go to the Graduate School website to learn about the Tuition Benefit and Health Insurance programs.

Q: I have several questions about the requirements of the Bioengineering program.

A: I recommend that you please study the Bioengineering website and be sure to check out and follow the Checklist and Forms page on our website. This will keep you on track to get your degree.

Q: Who do I talk to when I have questions?
A: Please email me, don’t take your information from your friends. I have the updated information and if I don’t know the answer to a question(s) I will find it. Changes of any kind, please notify me. At the University there are procedures and forms to do just about anything, so please let me know. Don’t just expect things to work out. The University of Utah is very precise and has definite deadlines for everything. They make no exceptions.

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